Adipurush TeamAdipurush is up for release in just over two weeks from now and we are hearing a strange and unexpected development pertaining to the promotional campaign of the film.

Apparently, the lead cast and crew have decided not to indulge in aggressive promotions for the film. As per reports, there won’t be many promotional interviews in the pan Indian languages either.

Reportedly, the team will release a common interview or two for all languages. There will be very few city visits as well, as opposed to aggressive pan Indian tours.

It is reported that the team fears controversial questions regarding the presentation of Ramayan and the character arcs of Ram, Sita, and Raavan. The could be propelled by the looks of Ravan in the teaser that drew backlash from all quarters. So, they’ve decided not to interact with the media much, it seems.

Declining the promotions fearing controversial questions from media is one of the strangest things, and more so, in the case of a film like Adipurush. If the team, really does restrict the promotions for this reason, then their strategies will be questionable.

A film like Adipurush needs aggressive promotions to build the momentum into the release. Leaving this very crucial step could have adverse consequences. But for now, we shall wait and see if Prabhas and co. will actually halt the promotions or go ahead with it.