Aha Video Vs SparkOTT: The Race That Never Started Aha Video is the first notable Regional Telugu Exclusive OTT Platform. The OTT Platform with the backing of biggies like Allu Aravind and My Home Group still looked dwarf before international majors like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix when it started.

No one was willing to bet on its survival but Aha Video defied all odds and is doing really well among the Desi OTT Platforms. Aha’s resurgence has infused confidence in another player from Telugu called the SparkOTT. It was launched amid huge fanfare and may be with reasonable funding.

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But then, SparkOTT barely survived a few weeks. The graph never took off and it was falling down freely and now it is almost out of the game. The situation is as such the Platform had to release its sole notable Direct-to-OTT film, Kanabadutaledhu in theaters. That means the management could not trust their own Platform.

Or simply they were not ready to invest further into the Platform. SparkOTT’s fall indicates how running of an OTT Platform is not just about the capital, it needs some vision to streamline the content, expand the subscriber base, and cater to their needs.

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Probably for some Regional OTT Platform to become like Aha Video in future, they need to study the Aha model itself before venturing into the space.