Akhil AkkineniAkhil Akkineni has only starred in five films, but one would expect him to have learned valuable lessons by now. He placed high hopes on Surender Reddy and Agent, but he faced the biggest shock of his career.

While Akhil has delivered a mix of disasters and average films, it appears he hasn’t addressed a glaring issue that’s clearly visible. A glance at his filmography and the substantial gaps between his projects underscores his tendency to take a long gap to set up projects, only to return with less-than-exciting combinations.

This raises the question: Why wait so long when the results have been not so good? Why not experiment with different subjects, especially when he has age on his side?

These extended breaks between films not only dampen the enthusiasm of Akkineni fans but also inadvertently add pressure when he announces a new project.

The problem is evident, but Akhil seems unable to see it.