AkshayKumar-Road-Safety-AdvertisementWell, every action has an equal reaction. So going by this oft-repeated and true Newton’s Law looks like the Modi government now finds itself in soup, thanks to an ad posted by its cabinet minister Nitin Gadkari. In fact, the minister tweeted the ad, which also features BJP’s ‘alleged’ poster boy, Akshay Kumar.

Now, the netizens are quite sharp to catch even the tiniest of errors of celebrities, including politicians and the tweeteratti were quick to find the ‘big’ flaw in the ad, which was to promote the concept of having six airbags in a car.

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Following Cyrus Mistry’s high-profile accident, the government of India has made it mandatory for all cars to have six airbags to ensure road safety. While it’s a sensible idea, the ad their media people made promotes the concept of dowry quite openly. The father in the ad talks about the salient features of the vehicle he gifted his daughter for the wedding.

And taking it a step further is Akshay Kumar, who, in the attire of a cop, does not seem to mind the talk of dowry but hails the concept of having six airbags in the car for safety against road mishaps.

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