Allu Arjun - MakeupAllu Arjun, who is also known as a stylish star, went de-glam for his role in Pushpa. As he played a lorry driver and had to be seen in a messy avatar, his makeup and rough look played a pivotal role in the film.

The manner in which Bunny transformed himself helped the film. But things were not that easy as Bunny had to sit for close to two hours on a daily basis to get the look right.

Today, the makers have revealed a small video where the star hero is getting ready for an action sequence. Right from the costume, hairstyle to the skin tone, everything has been worked upon meticulously on Allu Arjun.

A special makeup team from Mumbai was called upon to work on Allu Arjun’s makeup. The star hero underwent this special makeup for a period of over seven months and the result is there for us all to see.

Also, Sukumar designed Pushpa’s character in such a way that Allu Arjun’s body language, makeup, and dressing were realistic. Though the film had several issues with narration, Bunny’s one-man act with a different look saved the film.