An Extra Special New Year for actresses

New Year’s Eve is a special time for everybody in the world, and for actresses, it certainly becomes extra special. From what we have been able to find, almost every single actress in the Tollywood is booked for a performance on the night of December 31st! As it so happens, this year, aside from the regular clubs and restaurants, even residents of gated communities are looking to usher in a new year with a bang. And with this much demand, price is definitely going to rise for the actresses who are getting a hefty sum for simply a couple of dance numbers. A source tell us that even though top actresses do not feel the need to go for such offers, actresses on the medium rung of the ladder make the best of this golden opportunity.

From what we know, Sanjjanaa is one such actress who is dancing to a couple of songs in Bangalore and getting a sum of 16 lakhs for the performance.