It’s widely known that ‘Animal’ boasts an extremely lengthy runtime of 3 hours 21 minutes, surprising everyone as director Sandeep Reddy Vanga opted for this extreme lengthy duration.

There’s a general perception that although the film is engaging, it may not resonate with a significant portion of the audience due to its length. Reasons could vary, from health concerns to time constraints, or the preference to watch portions leisurely at home on OTT platforms.

Addressing this, Ranbir Kapoor mentioned they are not arrogant about the runtime but believe it’s the best way to reach the audience.

He revealed that initially, director Sandeep Vanga presented a 3 hours 49 minutes cut, which was engaging but was later trimmed down.

They hope the length won’t panic the audience and urged them to experience the cinema at its best.

From trade analysts to general audiences, everyone is curious to ascertain if the director’s decision was right or wrong.