Anirudh Delivers Unexpected Surprise

A lot was riding on Anirudh Ravichander, the composer of Devara album and he delivered a quality product in the form of the first song from the album, Fear Song.

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Fear Song is working the trick in Telugu cinema space as we are seeing an influx in the number of edits of other heroes like Prabhas and Allu Arjun with this song. It is turning out to be slow poison kind of a song.

Coming to the topic, Anirudh has delivered an unexpected surprise and it has something to do with the other language prospects of the song.

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Incidentally, Fear Song’s Tamil and Malayalam versions are also of elite quality. Particularly, the lyrical setting and overall listening vibe of the Tamil and Malayalam versions are on par with the Telugu versions, if not better.

Anirudh’s native touch for the Tamil version is there to be seen as the Tamil version is also tending big time. This has rubbed into the Malayalam version. Though we, the Telugu audience can’t understand the Malayalam lyrics, the vibe of the song is electrifying.

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The more this son penetrates into other languages, the better it is for Devara. This is the most significant advantage of having Anirudh onboard as he opens up multiple new avenues.