Netflix - Victory - VenkateshVictory Venkatesh has interacted with media ahead of his Drushyam 2 release on Amazon Prime Video on November 25th. On the sidelines of this interaction, Venkatesh has showed us some exclusive pictures of his look from his maiden webseries, Rana Naidu for Netflix.

While speaking about this webseries, he calls his assistant and asks him to bring him his mobile. He showed some pictures of his Rana Naidu look from the Look Test for the webseries. The look is stunning with Venkatesh going for a makeover with complete grey hair and moustache looking like a don

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“Meeru Matram Record Chesi Pampodhamma. Ikkada Pampestharu (Pointing at our correspondent’s mobile), Akkada Pettestharu. (Please dont record. You will send from here and they will upload there). Asale Akkada Netflix Amma. Their rules are totally different,” the star said cheekily. He repeatedly checked on M9News’s correspondent’s mobile.

Rana Naidu shooting has already started and the portions on Rana are being canned. Venkatesh is ready to join the shoot and has started growing beard for his look. In Rana Naidu, Real-life nephew and uncle Rana and Venkatesh Daggubati star as a Mumbai fixer and his ex-con father in this adaptation of the crime drama, Ray Donovan.

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