Astrologers Having Field Day With Vijay DeverakondaAfter the debacle of Liger, Vijay Deverakonda’s future in Tollywood is a hot topic of discussion not just among audience and film circles but also among astrologers on Youtube.

An astrologer on YouTube was saying that due to Ashtami Shani Dasha, Vijay Deverakonda’s career has gone downhill with back-to-back disasters like Dear Comrade, World famous Lover, and Liger.

Another astrologer was saying that due to his I-care-a-damn attitude and unwanted statements, he faced some controversies and failures. But that doesn’t mean Deverakonda’s career is over. He added that he has a bright future, and his father and his PR team are planning his career in a better way to avoid mistakes like Liger in the future.

The failure of Liger has definitely impacted Vijay Deverakonda’s brand and market value. But nothing is lost yet, as he can make a strong comeback with his forthcoming films.

If he can score a couple of hits in a row, he wil be back on track and can recover his market quickly. Vijay just needs to plan his films very carefully from now onwards.

His next film Kushi with Samantha in the direction of Shiva Nirvana looks promising.