Back To Back Mistakes By Vijay Deverakonda?Vijay Devarakonda has not had a release for a long time now. He has wrapped up Liger which is being directed by Puri Jagan. The film has had its fair share of issues and in shoot for long time but in the end it has successfully created a massive buzz.

Vijay Devarakonda has taken a daring step surprising everyone by agreeing to do one more film Jana Gana Mana with Puri. If Liger fails, the buzz and market for Jana Gana Mana will crash even before the release. If Liger becomes a massive hit, it will work the other way.

Not stopping here, Vijay Devarakonda has taken a bold decision of working with Samantha. As per the latest news, Vijay will be working with Samantha in his next film that will be directed by Shiva Nirvana.

Firstly, Shiva Nirvana has delivered a massive troll content in the form of Tuck Jagadish recently. Also, the pairing of Sam and Vijay looks a bit odd, his fans feel. They feel that Samantha is not a good choice as majority of Vijay’s fans are youngsters and the pairing will not excite them.

Will Puri deliver two back to back hits for Deverakonda? Will Shiva Nirvana come back strong after a massive troll film? Only time will tell.