Vijay Devarakonda Surprises a Small Coffee Joint OwnerVijay Devarakonda is not shooting for any film as of now. Thanks to Covid, his new film, Liger’s shoot has been canceled and and he has been spending time with family and on his fitness.

A few snaps of Vijay spending time with his pet also went viral. Today, Vijay took some time off and visited a coffee shop near to his home and had a specially made coffee for him at the store.

Not many were aware that Vijay had visited there. But Vijay happily had his coffee and also posed with the chef who worked there. He posted the snap which has now gone viral.

Vijay looks cool in a white sweatshirt and cargo. In no time, Pawan fans have started relating to the picture and started passing comments that Vijay has copied Pawan’s Balu film’s cargo pants which was a rage during that time.

Vijay is considered to be a style icon himself and we need to see what his comment will be on these messages.