Big Boss: Ep 78: Bitter Nominations In BB Non-StopBigg Boss OTT season streaming officially on Disney+Hotstar is just three weeks away from the finale. Started with lots of fun and enthusiasm, the twists and turns along with a lot of fights in each episode have impressed its audience. And as it is Monday, this week has kick-started in big-boss with nominations Chaos.

Today’s episode started with Akhil pointing out Ariyana for saying the statement that women have to win the Big Boss.

*Nominations with Bitter Ladoo*
Bigg Boss announced that in today’s episode, the housemates have to make their nominated Contestants eat bitter ladoo. Nominations went on in the following way:

Baba Bhaskar Nominated Ashu and Shiva
Shiva Nominated Ashu and Akhil
Ariyana Nominated Shiva and Mithra
Ashu Nominated with Ariyana and Shiva
Anil Nominated Ariyana and Ashu
Bindu Nominated Mithra and Shiva
Akhil Nominated Shiva and Ariyana
Nataraj Nominated Shiva and Anil
Mithra Nominated Ariyana and Bindu

*Akhil Vs Shiva*
Shiva Nominated Akhil by taking out the Bathroom issue, and the fight between them got Intensified with Akhil using the word “Siggu Unda”. Akhil also nominated Shiva and pointed out that Shiva hasn’t had any bond with him. He added they must be having a bond right from the first week, but it is because of Shiva’s behaviour during tasks, that made Shiva and him to be far away.

*Bindu Vs Mithra*
The fight between Bindu and Mithra went on rage, with Bindu imitating Mithra’s actions to the core. Bindu nominated Mithra and While giving bitter laddu, Bindu pointed out that Mithra touched her hand and it was physical abuse. On a funny note, Bindu also added, that because of this physical abuse by Mithra, she is not going to eat anything for two hours. She imitated all the actions of Mithra from previous episodes and said it is hashtag Masthi. She added that Mithra calling her a de-fame is ridiculous as Mithra herself is a de-fame contestant in the Bigg Boss. Later Mithra also Nominated Bindu by saying she always brings the names of housemates who are eliminated. Answering this, Bindu said there is no rule that we shouldn’t bring these names. After a big fight and a lengthy imitation by Bindu, Mithra also has a hashtag for Bindu as Drama queen.

*Ariyana Vs Akhil*
Akhil nominated Ariyana saying that when she said women have to win in Big Boss, then why she isn’t playing strong and why she hasn’t said that point to Ashu rather than Bindu. Ariyana answered it saying she feels Bindu is a stronger contestant than Ashu. She added that whether she is there in Bigg Boss or not, she always feels that at least once Women should be the winner of Telugu BigBoss.

Finally, the episode got wrapped with Akhil talking about Bindu’s actions in Nominations and with Shiva and Ashu keeping an end to their issue by hugging each other.

*Nominated contestants*