BB Non Stop: Day 2 - Natraj Master on Fire!The first week of the Bigg Boss TV show has started on an interesting note. Bigg Boss cleverly divided the inmates as warriors and challengers. The war is between the both and the stage has been set for the battle between them in the house.

We have already given an update on nominations in the previous episode and here is an extension of the same with a final confirmation.

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Challengers are given a chance to nominate the warriors (ex-inmates).

Siva picked Sarayu and Mumait Khan saying that they are aggressive. Mitra Sharma said that she has no bonding with Ariyana. She also mentioned that Natraj is biased. RJ Chaitu told that he has no vibe with Hamida and also mentioned that Natraj is irritating. Ajay Kumar said that Natraj is Overconfident. Sri Rapaka called Ariyana a drama queen. Anil Rathod told that Sarayu is aggressive. Bindu Madhava said that Akhil is controlling. Sravanthi said that Natraj is a drama king.

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In the end, Bigg Boss asked the warriors to pick two contestants from challengers unanimously for nominations.

Final List: Natraj, Ariyana Sarayu, Hamida, Mumait Khan, Mitra, and RJ Chaitu.

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*Natraj on Fire*
Natraj master received a maximum number of nominations in the house and he could not immediately take it. RJ Chaitu picked an argument with him saying that Natraj had body-shamed him. With many challengers nominating him, Natraj lost his temper and argued that no one knows how to nominate others. However, in the end, Natraj became emotional, apologizing to RJ Chaitu and Chaitu too cried for facing body-shaming remarks.

*Good Vibes & Bad Vibes*
Ariyana revealed that she felt good vibes with Ajay and bad vibes with Sri Rapaka. Akhil too said that he felt bad vibes with Sri Rapaka. Saraya felt good vibes with Siva and bad vibes with Anil Rathod. Mahesh had good vibes with RJ Chaitu and Tejaswi had bad vibes with Mitra and good vibes with Sravanthi. Natraj felt good vibes with Siva and bad vibes with Sravanthi.

*Captaincy Task*
Warriors vs Challengers
The two teams will have to do certain dares and gain points to be eligible for the captaincy task.

From team Warriors, Akhil came forward to do a dare about sitting underwater and taking breathe. Akhil said that he can do it for 30 seconds while Mitra from the other team claimed it for 5 minutes. In the end, Mitra failed in the initial 5 seconds itself.

The task is yet to come to an end.