Bigg Boss: S5: E62: 'Fake' Shanmukh targets Siri!Anee became the new captain of the Bigg Boss house and the captaincy task generated good fun!

*Superheroes vs Super Villians*
In the third level, Bigg Boss has created a one-to-one task. One inmate from each team will stand on a platform and will fight to push the other one out of the platform. Superheroes single-handedly won the task and gained points.

In the last level, Super Villians gained extra points by taking out the Thunder symbol before Superheroes could get it.
Super Villians won the task and gained a chance to take part in the captaincy task.

*New Captain Anee*
Ravi, Anee, Jessie, Sunny, Vishwa, and Siri took part in the captaincy task. The other inmates will have to throw balls at them. Each ball will carry points and the ball that will get stuck to inmates will get eliminated. By the end of every round, Sanchalak will count the points and the inmate with maximum points will come out of the task.

Jessie came out first. Vishwa came out after that. Siri and Ravi came out in third and fourth places. The final round was between Sunny and Anee but everyone targeted Sunny, giving an easy win to Anee.

*Siri calls Shanmukh fake*
During the captaincy task, Shanmukh targeted Siri as well. He threw balls at Siri which she did not expect. Siri lost the task and expressed her anger towards Shanmukh. Siri said that Shanmukh is a fake person. She expected support from Shanmukh but he disappointed her. She cried and mentioned that she no longer want to continue in the house. Shanmukh tried his best to convince Siri that he just played his game and also apologized. However, she is still angry towards Shanmukh.

*Diwali celebrations in house*
At the end of the episode, the inmates celebrated Diwali.