Amardeep Choudhary, Sobha Shetty and Priyanka Jain

Amardeep Choudhary, Sobha Shetty and Priyanka Jain are a group in the Bigg Boss house. From the day one, they are playing the game together and there are no two ways about it. However, the recent developments reveal disputes among them.

Considering tasks and behavior, Priyanka stands out distinctively from Shobha. Priyanka’s impressive performance in ‘Finale Astra’ and the sympathy garnered following Amar’s physical altercation could enhance her voting share.

Notably, Priyanka’s voting share is on the rise, and with her disqualification in ‘Finale Astra’ this week, she stands out as a strong contender. With the two female contestants are out of finale race, they could be in danger zone.

While Shobha’s elimination is not solely determined by audience voting, as Bigg Boss may save her, it remains uncertain how long this arrangement will persist.

Excluding Shobha, contestants like Arjun and Gautham find themselves in precarious positions. Sivaji’s role in the Arjun captaincy issue has cast him as a potential villain.

In the previous episode, both Sobha and Amar expressed their displeasure over Priyanka, projecting her as a villain and also cornered her.

We have to see who will get evicted this week.