Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7

Trolling on Bigg Boss Season 7 has become a common occurrence. Unexpectedly as the season is coming to an end, the trolling is becoming extreme. There are accusations that Shobha Shetty is being kept in the house without elimination, with some suggesting that Star Maa is favoring the serial batch.

Despite Amar’s perceived lack of sportsmanship, he has made it to the top 5, and there are complaints that the host is directly giving captaincy to Amardeep without consulting Bigg Boss.

This week, strong contestant Gautham was eliminated, raising eyebrows as Shobha Shetty was expected to be eliminated based on calculations. However, she was saved, and Gautham was sacrificed, leading to outrage among netizens.

Comments criticizing Bigg Boss for questioning the fairness of Gautham’s elimination surfaced, with netizens expressing frustration over the voting process and accusing others of cheating by soliciting thousands of votes.

The discontent among netizens is palpable, with many questioning the integrity of the show and expressing dissatisfaction with the decisions made.

On the other hand, there are only seven members remained in the Bigg Boss house now. The game could be between SPA batch and SPY batch now.