Sivaji RathikaIn the 7th season of Bigg Boss Telugu, the fourth week has begun with the nomination process, which has already heated up the house. Monday’s episode was filled with intense nomination drama.

The highlight of this week’s nominations was the intense arguments between Subha Sri and Rathika. Additionally, there were heated exchanges between Yawar and Gautam Krishna, almost reaching the point of a physical confrontation. Yawar also engaged in a fiery argument with Teja, expressing his anger and frustration.

However, what’s surprising is Rathika’s heated exchange between Rathika and Shivaji regarding an incident from the previous episode. Rathika expressed her hurt over Shivaji’s comment about clapping only when two hands are joined, which is related to Prashanth. She accused Shivaji of crossing a line with his remarks, and the argument became a major talking point.

However, Sivaji made it clear to her that he mentioned it on a fun note. But, Rathika took it personally, asking Sivaji how would it be fair to pass a comment on her character, despite considering her as a daughter in the house. Sivaji was hurt by the same and apologized to Rathika.

But, Rathika did not stop there. She went on dragging the issue to which Sivaji got irritated. He directly asked her the same after which, Rathika went on talking about it with the others in the house.

It all shows that Rathika is trying to give content this week by engaging in a dispute with Sivaji, in the house.