Devara Game Changer

Game Changer’s producer, Dil Raju’s daughter Hanshitha, recently provided clarity on the film’s release.

Dil Raju had earlier mentioned a Diwali 2024 release target for the movie. During her recent visit to Tirumala, Hanshitha confirmed that they are indeed eyeing an October 2024 release.

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However, with NTR’s Devara slated for October 10th, there’s speculation if Game Changer will hit screens after the Dasara holidays.

Even if both films release with a two-week gap in October, it would still be considered a clash.

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This clash is poised to make waves like never before in recent box office history. It’s bound to ignite insane excitement among audiences, stirring up a frenzy on social media, particularly among the passionate fan bases of Ram Charan and NTR.

The existing rivalry between their fans, amplified after RRR, is set to escalate to unprecedented heights. This clash is gearing up to be the most thrilling and anticipated showdown in quite some time. It will fill the entire industry with a lot of josh.

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Game Changer still has around 50 days of shooting left. Fans are hopeful that the film will indeed be released in October as planned.