Boyfriend-For-Hire-MovieDussehra season attracted movie goers with sale of big and small movies but the shoppers choose only two because of ‘value for the money’. “Mega” sale offer was successful while other one managed to satisfy the festive mood.

The weekend witnessed end of sale for all big or medium range movies which were in queue for the long time to hit the screens. Now the offers for Diwali begin from next week and the audience are setting their mood right to look at their shopping list.

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As no backlog left for medium and big heroes, upcoming week is gearing up for showcasing small movies. Around ten movies are added to the list so far, only few are making efforts to be on the top of the list.

From two movies that are likely to be on the top, Buzz in the social media suggests Boyfriend for Hire movie has good chance as it is slowly and gradually wooing from behind the glass door with its crazy content. If the ‘sale’ goes right, this movie with crazy features has a chance to witness a good sale.

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Another advantage for the movie is that it can continue its run until the Diwali festival where no big ‘fire crackers’ are seen.