Directors Contraversy

A Tamil director came all the way from Chennai to Hyderabad to narrate a story to a Tier-2 star. The story was impressive and the actor gave his nod. The producer who had bad experiences with Tamil directors skeptically said Okay.

The director said he would finish the film in 65 Crore without remuneration. That is also convincing for the producer. He gave him a battery of Telugu writers to assist him and also opened an office in Chennai.

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After working for a few months, he came back to Hyderabad and gave one more hearing to the hero who liked it.

Then came the real shock!

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This time the director went to the producer and said the film would not be ready in less than 150 Crore.

The producer was shellshocked but still maintained his composure.

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He asked the director to list out the entire budget on a paper about what would cost how much. “I have enough experience. Since the hero liked the story, I will try my best to cut down the expenditure as much as possible,” he said to the director.

But the director did not budge. He refused to give the breakdown of the budget.

“If the budget shoots from 65 Crore to 150 Crore even before the Muhurtham. One can not imagine how much it will become by the time of the release,” the producer lamented.

The producer became suspicious of the director and informed the hero. They have decided to call off the project.

He is now trying to bring another director for the hero. This time, it will be a Telugu director.