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– Climax scenes. Movie is over. Review will be up in few minutes. Click here for Review.
– Prakash Raj meets Pawan.
– Count less people come to Hyderabad for Rambabu (Pawan).
– Song started.
– Meeku movies choodataniki, girl friends tho thiragafaniki time vuntundi..kaani saraina nayakudini enchukolera!
– Rambabu speech in media going on about common people in society.
– Brahmi comedy on Pellillu petakulu avuthunnay refers to Pawan Kalyan’s wedding in real life. Pawan goes “vadiki asale thikka ekkuva eppudo vachi nadi road lo kalchi dobbutadu”. Hillarious.
– Twist…Prakash Raj kills ….!
– Milikal Thirugutunte song started. Pawan, Tamanna rocks the song. Dance in this song is surely a big treat.
– Scenes between Ganga – Pawan going on at the moment.
– Fight goons in lady get up.
– Prakash Raj starts “Telugu Udyamam”..indirect satires about what’s going on in state now.
– Song..Pillani choosthe started.
– Ganga drinks beer :)-
– Brahmi entry as Babi to help Prakash Raj with publicity.
– Interval.
– Teaser dialogue “Media ni vunchukodaniki vuyyala Oogadaniki…media evariki umpudugatte kaadu”” Nuvvu CM ela avuthavo Media ni ela vadukuntavo choostha!
– Pawan with Prakash Raj…Nuvvu 10 mandi 20 mandi 120 mandi enta mandini thechina nannu round up chesedi nalugure…teesuku raara enta mandini testavo.
– 2nd Song started .. Extraordinary!
– Pawan puch dialogue with Kota goes like this “Nuvvu CM ni kalisi vundochu PM ni kalisi vundochu kaani naalanti thikka naa kodukuni kalisi vundav”
– Prakash Raj is son of Kota who is a politician.
– Prakash Raj kills some one who is good, Pawan gets in to fight for the same reason.
– First fight at Prakash Raj’s place.
– Prakash Raj entry. Kota as politician..another villain.
– Comedy scenes between Ganga and Pawan.
– Story going on…
– Ali entry as senior guy in the same channel.
– Pawan dances well in first song.
– First song started ..Jaramochindi !!
– Ganga gets Pawan in to a news channel for job, where she works.
– Heroine Ganga (Tamanna) comes to Pawan.
– Pawan gets in wherever there is an issue. He hasn’t become a journo yet.
– Fight between two hostel guys..Pawan runs to the spot with rod in his hand.
– Pawan entry in fight scene, sports Orange dress.
– Politicians in background ..from Gandhi to KCR.
– Titles just stated.