Srikanth AddalaSrikanth Addala went into hibernation after the debacle of Brahmotsavam. After a huge gap, he returned to the big screen with the raw and rustic political drama, Peddha Kapu.

The film looked promising from the promotional material and gave the impression of a well-made film. But after its release, the film received harsh criticism and turned out to be a big flop.

Srikanth Addala made a well-shot film with high technical values and good aesthetics. But the hollow writing proved disastrous for the film. The audience just couldn’t connect with what was happening on the screen. There was no clarity for the audience to feel any kind of emotions for the characters in the film.

So despite being decent to good in bits and pieces, Peddha Kapu turned out to be an exhausting experience for the audience which resulted in a poor show at the box office.

Srikanth Addala is known for narrating stories that connect well with family audiences. His forte is those ‘feel-good’ movies like Koththa Bangaru Lokam and Seetamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu that are relatable.

It is nice that he wants to explore different genres, but he doesn’t seem comfortable narrating stories like Peddha Kapu. His narration lacks coherence and clarity.

If Srikanth Addala can come up with a movie in the genre he is comfortable with, combined with the high technical finesse and values of Peddha Kapu, then he can still make a strong comeback.