Comedian Sunil - Colour Photo‘Enjoy success, but don’t enjoy your career,’ is the advice given by Sunil to the comedian with a refreshing voice, Suhas. Speaking at the pre-release event of ‘Colour Photo’, Sunil seemed to have been reminiscing his golden days as a comedian and how his transformation into a hero has changed everything for him.

Though he praised Suhas for his comic timing, his golden mesmerizing voice and of course, Suhas’ acting prowess; Sunil has carefully interwoven his speech with his personal experiences when he used to have a unique style in comedy and later when he became a hero, he was doing what everybody was doing, nothing unique in it.

Sunil spoke from his experience and maybe, there is a lot to take from it for actor Suhas who is playing the lead role in ‘Colour Photo’ that will be soon streaming on Aha Platform.

Asa comedian, Sunil was very expensive due to the demand, back then. Sunil recalls how the makers of a movie increase his remuneration as per his demand and also decreased it later when he wasn’t in demand. So, everything depends on the success.