Controversy: Did Trivikram Really Insult Them?Trivikram Srinivas is a happy man. Trivikram who delivered a disaster like Agnyathavaasi for Pawan Kalyan made up for the failure with Bheemla Nayak. Trivikram who did not speak at the film’s Pre-release event finally spoke at the film’s Thanks meet.

One comment of Trivikram at this event has triggered debates and controversy of sorts on social media. “Compared to the actors of the 1980s, India’s new generation artists are far superior. Sorry if hurt anyone with this statement. There is a great transformation. Their understanding of cinema and craft. It is not just memorizing the dialogues, performing, and changing looks. They have far deeper understanding than that. . I have been noticing this for the last five years,” Trivikram said.

This statement has triggered discussions on social media and some feel it is an insult to the legendary actors of those times. It is not valid to compare actors of two generations. The exposure and advancements in cinema increase with every generation. The world has become a global village these days. Forget about film people, even kids of this generation are much more aware than their parents.

“How do we define love for cinema? In the 1980s, actors like Krishna, NTR, and others work for three shifts in a day to do a dozen films a year. There are actors like Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna who did daredevil stunts without dupes. Actors like NTR and ANR did a wide variety of subjects all their careers.

The actors these days do have many luxuries and opportunities to extend their film budgets and wide options to take their work to the audience through various platforms. They have new-age technologies at their disposal. The actors of that generation always had to try something out of the box without this availability.

The challenges each generation faces may be different from another generation but no one is less in this. But then, Trivikram definitely did not have any intention to belittle the legends but definitely, his opinion should have been put differently.