Pooja_HegdeBommarillu Bhaskar is back to business with Most Eligible Bachelor. The film has Akhil Akkineni as an NRI guy, while Pooja Hegde plays a stand-up comedian. The director has now shared interesting nuggets of information from the upcoming film.

The director had doubts or reservations about Pooja Hegde. Since the film has good senses of humour and spontaneity is required over the dialogues, the director had cast a spell of doubt if Pooja could deliver and will language be an issue to her.

On the contrary, Pooja Hegde took the filmmaker by surprise with the strenuous efforts she had put in to learn the language with utmost perfection. “She did a splendid job. While I had apprehensions, but after seeing her performance I was relieved that yes she can deliver it,” says the filmmaker.

Bhaskar is first time working with Geetha Arts, but he dates back their association long back.” Though this is my first with Geetha Arts, but I have known them over a long time. I have great regard and respect for Allu Aravind and so is with Bunny Vas too,” he adds.

Meanwhile, Most Eligible Bachelor over a long was rumored to hit OTT way, but the film will only release in theaters once it gets operational.