He is a small director who has directed a handful of films. He is currently on the most ambitious film of his career.

The director maintains a clean image of himself through his films and behavior outside.

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Many feel he is an odd-man out in this glamour world due to his philosophies.

But there is another side of this director, industry says.

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The director is super money-minded they say.

He is very careful about the casting in his films. Being careful is not just selecting artists suiting the characters.

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He only chooses the artists who pays a cut in their remuneration.

For every artist in the film, there is one rate the producer pays and the real rate he actually takes home after paying the director.

Usually, a few Managers and Line Producers are known to be doing this. But the director will do that himself here.

Also, he does not operate through anybody. He deals it directly.

One more interesting thing about this is that he does not even spare the junior artists.

Junior Artists have to Phonepe or Gpay 200/300 Rupees to the director immediately after getting paid.

Producers also know about it but they do not care because the director is not taking from them and they are not worried.