Director Om RautIn a first-of-a-kind move, the makers of Prabhas’ Adipurush announced keeping one seat empty for Lord Hanuman in every Cinema Hall screening. During the pre-release event also, director Om Raut requested all theater owners, including overseas, to keep one seat empty for Lord Hanuman.

There has been a mixed response on social media to this gesture by the makers. Many are appreciating the Bhakti Bhavana of the makers for giving tribute to Lord Hanuman, who is the favorite god of many.

But there are many who are also trolling and making funny comments about it. Some people were saying what if the film gets negative talk on the first day? Then the whole theater would be empty, and Lord Hanuman could come and sit on any seat.

Another user was commenting if chappals would be allowed inside the theaters playing Adipurush. He was also wondering if Prasadam or Payasam would be offered in the interval instead of Popcorn and cool drinks.

One user slammed the makers for trying to exploit the religious sentiments of the Indian audience. Some were saying a movie should be seen only as a movie. Another user commented, “Next will be some photoshopped image in empty seat saying Lord Hanuman came to theatre to watch adipurush. Nonsense. If the movie is good why are they going to do all these!”

People who support Lord Rama, along with Prabhas fans, are bashing and warning those netizens not to hurt their religious sentiments by trolling such a noble gesture from Adipurush makers who are giving such a great tribute to our gods.