Expectations from Pawan Kalyan political press meet

Just a day ago we have heard that the proposed meet of Pawan Kalyan with the press has been cancelled and a day later one hears that the press meet in on and it’s going to happen earlier than expected on Sunday itself. Well, that’s Pawan Kalyan for you and this nature is what has got many worried. This unstable nature is not a perfect fit for the politics feel many but whatever may be the opinion the actor seems to have decided on doing what he wants to do.

Here are some of the speculations that have been heard from the past few days. Pawan Kalyan has reportedly met many politicians that include the members of his brother’s currently non functional Praja Rajyam Party. There is also talk that the actor has met JD Lakshmi Narayana as well and he could be an important part of his political career ahead. The list doesn’t end here there are other prominent personalities from across the parties whom have either expressed their interest to Pawan Kalyan or the actor has had a word with them out of his interest. Either way there seems to be a lot going on in the background with extreme secrecy.

Will he float a new party or will he join an existing party if at all if he plans to make political debut is the biggest question that is plaguing everyone and something that everyone is expecting to get an answer soon. With the press meet almost likely to happen on Sunday one wishes all these and many such other questions are answered in full clarity as fans of the star are having sleepless nights over it ever since the announcement.

Finally we have to keep in mind that this is Pawan Kalyan we are talking about and hence one has to wait till the press meet actually happens. But if it indeed happens and the actor announces his political entry, how would you welcome it? Will you welcome him with positivity or think its waste of time at this particular juncture when the actor is at the top of his game commercially in films. Remember there are people like Jayaprakash Narayan willing to extend him all the support he can, under such circumstances what do you think should be the decision of Pawan Kalyan? Share us your thoughts.