Salman-khan-FIR-AirportBollywood superstar Salman Khan’s name became synonymus with ‘hit and run’ case and has been undergoing court proceedings since 13 years. Seems another fresh case is going to begin to trouble him from now onwards. In a fresh case, the superstar is alleged with assault, robbery and criminal intimidation and an Andheri Court ordered for an FIR to be filed against the actor.

Coming to the details, Salman Khan and his bodyguards assaulted, abused and tried to snatch the important documents from Ravindra Moorat Dwivedi who was at that time (Nov 4, 2014) boarding his flight carrying important documents related to the death of BJP leader Gopinath Munde.

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When Mr.Dwivedi approached airport police, they declined to register case against the actor. Hence in a ruling, Andheri court ordered airport police to register an FIR on the superstar for the alleged fight, abuse and robbery of the important documents which were intented to be produced in the court.