Telugu-First-look-trailers_teasersOnce upon a time teasers used to really tease about the fims. They showed very little in a small time frame but they did show bits of the actual movie footage in that short duration or set a tone for what is about to come or what is to be expected from the film, in them. They were followed by main trailers and things became routine going forward. The teasers of Narasimha Naidu, Johnny, Gudumba Shankar and Sye to the recent Bahubali are prime examples of this.

Today it’s completely opposite. Teasers are lazily cut as if it’s a last minute decision without any thought process behind it. In fact it’s done so carelessly that it gives an impression that the one behind those teasers have absolutely taken the viewers for granted and believe that the viewers will see anything that is shown to them. It smacks of over confidence from the team to put in bluntly. Most of the recent teasers fall in this category.

What feels like adding salt to the injury is that the makers then go about tom-toming its views and using it for promotion of the film? May be that is what the main intention of the teasers seems to be these days, take viewers for a ride to create an impression, with absolutely no thought to show what the actual film is all about. Take for example the Khaleja teaser which gave the people a wrong impression that the movie was an action flick where as the film turned out to be a complete different venture. On the other and take the teaser of Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu which set the right expectations for the film and helped it in a major way, otherwise with two of the top stars working for the first time in a film after nearly two decades fans would have gone wild with their imaginations. What is one to make of the teaser of the recently released Race Gurram?

It is this kind of thoughtless promotion that is harming a film a lot these days. We hope that in the days coming up, our makers learn the art of cutting proper teasers, first, and then start boasting about the record views. On a side note which teaser among the recent past films do you think was the best and which was the worst. Share us your thoughts.