Mahesh Babu

Usually, star hero films have string regulations on the sets in order to make sure no content gets leaked prematurely. But the exact opposite thing is happening with Mahesh Babu and Trivikram’s Guntur Kaaram.

Every other day, there is one new leak or the other about Guntur Kaaram. Notably, countless working location stills and videos of Mahesh have leaked on social media already.

Recently, it was the case of a music bit filming (Dum Masala song) where Mahesh is seen rehearsing for the song got leaked and went viral on social media.

Now, a new still from the shooting location has been leaked and we see Mahesh in full costume, meaning this pic was clicked during the filming itself. Vennela Kishore is seen alongside Mahesh in this leaked pic.

No other star hero films have gone through so many illicit leaks on social media. When there was a leak on Project K, the makers quickly started legal action and warned the cuprits of serious consequences if they leak the content.

But despite the numerous leaks from Guntur Kaaram, there is no affirmative action from the team. As it appears, the team has given up on the leaks and are turning a blind eye.

This isn’t a good practice for a film featuring a superstar like Mahesh. Perhaps, it is time he takes matters into his own hands and puts some sort of effort to curb these leaks. Leaks like these will put a dent in the anticipation factor.