Harish Shankar

It has been 4 years since Harish Shankar had a theatrical release. His last film Gaddalakonda Ganesh released in 2019. He then waited patiently for Pawan Kalyan’s film.

But Harish’s film with Pawan was bogged down from the start. First he came up with a script and took the film onto the floors and it was titled Bhavadeeyudu Bhagat Singh, but then the shoot got halted. Then there were reports that the film got shelved.

But incidentally, the film was revived again, and there are reports that Harish prepared a remake script this time and the film is now titled Ustaad Bhagat Singh. But again, the shooting pace is uneven as Pawan is shuffling between films and politics, and with 2024 elections around the horizon, his availability will be wildly uneven.

With so many turbulences regarding the project, one would expect Harish to mellow down and maintain a low profile and take things on a lighter note. But he is doing the exact opposite.

Harish is very active on social media now, which is already a hostile place. He is receiving many comments and suggestions on the film with fans requesting and demanding him to make the film in a certain way. Harish is reacting with equal vigor to the same and is even getting frustrated by a few of them, which is natural.

Ace director Rajamouli also receives suggestions on film as such is the case with Telugu Twitter space. So it is natural for Harish to receive suggestions and comments on the same. Instead of reacting with vigor, Harish can simply take it easy and take a social media detox which could help him with his mental peace. This unwanted social media pressure can easily be avoided.

But instead, Harish is further getting deeper into it by holding interactive sessions. He held a “AskHarish” session today and was infuriated with a fan who had some suggestions about Ustaad. Harish replied “You have so many ideas, why don’t you direct the film.”

The easier and mentally peaceful option for Harish is to take a chill pill and take a break from social media to gather his thoughts and operate in a fresh state of mind for Ustaad. He really does need a break from all this high drama.