Sudheer Babu  Cried On LocationSuperstar Mahesh Babu‘s brother-in-law, Sudheer Babu is completing Ten years in the industry tomorrow and on this occasion, sat up with him for a brief chitchat. During the conversation, he revealed an interesting incident.

“I took a loan and produced my first film. On the first day of shooting, during the break, I heard the cameraman saying something to his assistant. ‘This will not work. He is not photogenic’. I don’t have a caravan. I ran into a room and cried nonstop,” Sudheer Babu revealed.

“I already spent 60 Lakhs in giving advances. So, there is no going back. I have shown him door out of the project. But I realized there are certain shortcomings in me which I can overcome only by giving good performances. Even though I am hurt, it is a lesson for me. Those words motivated me like anything. I have worked with the same cameraman later as well,” the actor added.

Sudheer Babu has moments in his career and is teaming up with his lucky director, Indraganti Mohan Krishna for third time with Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali which will release soon.