Kiran-Abbavaram-Kiran Abbavaram is a promising young actor who hit popularity after the success of SR Kalyanamandapam. But after that, none of his films worked at the box office. Still, every two months, he comes up with a film that vanishes from the theaters without making much noise.

This year he came up with Sebastian PC 324, which flopped badly. Then he was ready with Sammathame, which also quit the cinema halls even before someone noticed. Now he has come up with Nenu Meeku Baaga Kavalsinavaadini, which is also going the flop way.

Another hero who is regularly releasing his movies non-stop is Aadi Sai Kumar. He came up with Tees Maar Khan last month and already has Crazy Fellows and Top Gear ready to release soon.

It looks like both the heroes are competing in giving non-stop flops. A hilarious troll video is making rounds on the internet, which is being shared extensively among Tollywood fans.

Both the heroes, especially Abbavaram, must realize that it is always better to go with quality rather than quantity. Let’s hope he scores decently with his upcoming releases like Meter and Rules Ranjan.