Hyderbad_Metro_DanceRecently, someone celebrated their daughter’s birthday in a metro station and got jailed for it. And now, one young lady, donning a sleeveless top and ripped jeans, chose to dance at a metro station and even made Insta reels out of her performance.

Naturally, citizens took to Twitter to complain about the public nuisance it created as many commuters were disturbed by the crowd that gathered to have a look at the dance. While she did not disturb anyone per se, the whole event created a stir and caused a commotion in the public space.

Given that many people rush to offices or other important destinations during peak hours, it did cause a major distraction. On the other hand, there were others who felt that it was a harmless act and took it in their stride.

Metro stations turning into entertainment zones did not bother them much as the lady in question was not trying to dance on railway tracks or indulge in any harmful acts. However, now the girl is set to face action from the Metro authority for this act.

A majority feel with new avenues opening up, growing culture, and exposure to mob and flash dances in other parts of the world, the locals too are trying to enjoy their impromptu acts.