How Much Is Samantha Making Through Her Insta Account?Actresses naturally tend to lose their demand after getting married. Samantha did not lose any after marriage with Naga Chaitanya.

Many started writing her off when she divorced Naga Chaitanya. But she is back with vengeance announcing back-to-back films across the country. She also has an international film in her kitty.

The actress is also suddenly in high demand for commercial ads. Forget about the endorsements, many brands are using her Instagram popularity to promote their products.

If we scroll through her Instagram account, we can see one promotional post for every 3 to 4 normal posts.

The frequency has increased after her divorce because of the buzz she has been making on social media and news portals. Rumors are that she charges around 15-20 Lakhs per post.

This is just for posting something and does not include the charges if she had to do a special photo shoot or video shoot. If there is any such requirement, the cost doubles or triples.

The brand has to purchase her call sheets.

There is a different cost structure if there is a long-term arrangement like endorsements. Remuneration for such associations runs into 1-2 Crore depending on the brand.