Undoubtedly one of the versatile actors in the industry is Nitya, and she has proved herself time and again with her films. She is also one among the few actress who never gets glamorous on screen and yet manages to impress audiences with her performance.

Nithya likes to take up challenging roles because she believes in pushing herself to the edge. She has happy that she has exactly done the same in her next outing Malini 22, which is a thriller film and she said that audience will get to see her in a powerful role for the first time. She added that it’s the most challenging role she has done in her career and a role she is particularly happy with.

Nithya plays a role with negative shade in the film, but she says it’s a role that changes with time. She said it’s a positive role that gets changed due to the effect of negative events in her life. In essence, she essayed a role that has streak of positive and negative shades