Talented actress with cute looks Varsha Bollamma interacted with M9 news during the promotions of her upcoming film Ooru Peru Bhairavakona.

Despite being a Kannada girl, Varsha Bollamma started her career in the Tamil industry, then did some Malayalam movies, and is now busy working in Telugu films. Sharing the highs and lows of her career till now, she said, “96 movie gave me a lot of recognition despite being a small role. Then Bigil happened with Vijay sir. And now I am expecting to hit the peak with Ooru Peru Bhairava Kona.”

Speaking about her not-so-successful films after the OTT hit “Middle Class Melodies,” Varsha said, “Swathimutyam was a nice feel-good film. Everyone liked the film and praised my performance. But unfortunately, the film didn’t do very well and I know box office numbers matter the most.”

When asked if box office trend was the reason why she said ok to Ooru Peru Bhairava Kona as it is a Mysterious Horror thriller, a genre which is doing well these days, she replied, “When we started this film, Virupaksha and other films of this genre hadn’t been released yet. So when we started we didn’t know it would be a box office-friendly genre.”

She continued, “I liked the story very much as there is a lot of suspense and thrills which would be loved by the audience. My role is of a woman who has a voice and I like such characters.”

Varsha revealed that VI Anand is a proper gentleman and he is a director who had the utmost clarity about everything in the film. When asked if she was insecure about the fact that the film also stars another heroine who has a lot of fan following for her glamorous looks, Varsha replied, “Kavya Thapar is a talented actress. There was no insecurity but it is the people who put that seed of insecurity by asking such questions.”

Varsha revealed that working with Sundeep Kishan was a great experience as he is a very fun-loving guy but extremely talented and hard-working.

Varsha revealed that her dream role would be to play a psycho something along the lines of Urmila in RGV’s Kaun.

When asked if she had an update about their film clashing with Ravi Teja’s Eagle, she tried to avoid the question and said, “Please don’t ask me such questions. Keep me out of these issues. My only job is to act.”

Before signing off, she confirmed that Ooru Peru Bhaiarava Kona is coming on February 9.