Jr NTR Vishwak Sen

It is a known thing that young hero Vishwak Sen has forged a good rapport with Jr NTR. On several occasions in the past, Vishwak stated that NTR is his favorite hero and in accordance, NTR also stepped out to support Vishwak’s Das Ka Dhamki.

Cut to now, NTR’s fans have been in a downward spiral after the postponement of Devara and the subsequent draught of updates on the film. But Vishwak has come to their rescue as he hyped up the musical work of Devara.

Vishwak shared a picture of himself and NTR sharing a hug and dropped an update on Devara’s music saying it is going to be on a whole another level.

“This album will kill everyone” Vishwak tweeted. It is evident that NTR has given a sneak peek of Devara’s musical album to Vishwak Sen in their recent get-together and the same could be understood from the latter’s social media post.

Usually, star heroes only vibe and gel with their same-degree stars as was seen in the camaraderie between NTR, Charan, and Mahesh in the recent past. But as it appears, NTR has a liking for youngster Vishwak as well. The latter recently commented that NTR is a wonderful host and throws kickass parties.