In a few hours from now, Shankar’s much-awaited Indian 2 starring Kamal Haasan will be released, and anticipation is building.

The advance bookings have opened to an okay response both in India and the US.

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Indian 2’s music composer Anirudh has a habit of hyping up his films just before release, and most of the time, his hype turns out to be true.

Anirudh, who played a critical role in major blockbusters in recent years, usually makes a tweet before the film’s release. For films like Jailer, Jawan, and Leo, he tweeted fire emojis with the movie’s hashtag, and all three turned out to be huge blockbusters.

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Now, fans are eagerly waiting for him to tweet something similar for Indian 2 and take the film’s hype to the next level.

The Telangana government has permitted ticket pricing of Rs 236 in single screens and Rs 383 in multiplexes, but the team has opted for Rs 225 and Rs 350 pricing respectively. This is higher than usual for a dubbed film.

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The makers of Indian 2 seem undeterred as they have chosen elevated pricing in Telangana. Positive word of mouth will be crucial for the film to capitalize on this price hike and ensure strong openings and a long box office run.