I care I react Sekhar Kammula

Sekhar Kammula, who along with Amala Akkineni and Kamal Kamaraju, launched the ‘I Care, I React’ campaign was in Hyderabad recently where several techies joined her in front of an IT complex talked about the heinous crimes done against women. Being Kammula’s brainchild, the initiative stands up for having a zero tolerance attitude towards any form of injustice done to women.

In this context, Sekhar spoke up, “”We must start reacting at a personal level. Women’s issues are always dismissed or brushed to the side and never given the importance that they deserve. We must take a stand and I say this, especially for the men. We need to express our intolerance. I urge all of you to wear your badges every time you see an injustice being done to women.”

Kamal concurred, saying that, “We must not think that discrimination and harassment happens only in Delhi, it happens even in Hyderabad and even in the smallest of towns and villages. We must ensure that we stand up to it and react every time we see it happening.”