Jr NTR Boyapati Aravindha Sametha TeaserNTR’s next Aravinda Sametha teaser was out on Wednesday for the Independence release and the initial response came great for the mass overload, but after the release buzz is settled, even the die hard fans started whispering about the teaser.

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To go with the social media response after the initial hype is settled, fans commenting that Trivkram’s mark is missing in the teaser. Many felt like they were watching a teaser of Boyapati but not Trivikram’s because the latter is known for his writing magic and his action sequences are slick and stylish not mass loaded as seen in the teaser.

Now, this is what is the hot topic on social media, wondering if the film too, wouldn’t have a hint of the writing master’s hint. Hope the team is taking this vital feedback in consideration for the trailer cut. With the great hype and a tint of confusion, the movie is slated to release for Dasara.

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