Kamal is the biggest actor: Rajinikanth

Rajinikanth may be a superstar but he has publicly accepted that Kamal Haasan is the biggest actor in Tamil filmdom. Promoting his upcoming release ‘Vikrama Simha’ in Hyderabad release, Rajini said that he doesn’t know anything about technology and that he considers himself a novice in this department vis-a-vis Kamal Haasan.

Rajini said it’s Kamal who always strives to do different films and he’s merely an entertainer. So when Rajini started working on Vikrama Simha, he felt really uncomfortable with the use of the new technology. But he added that he finally did this film because of God’s grace. Rajini also said that he’s very proud of his daughter to bring the best in him as an actor because all these years he thought he could only entertain audiences.

Vikrama Simha is slated to release worldwide May 9. It is expected to have the biggest release for an Indian, in over 6000 screens.