KGF 2: Prashanth Neel’s Overboard StatementPrashanth Neel made national headlines with his film KGF. The manner in which he showcased Yash was appreciated a lot and now, Neel is working with the likes of NTR and Prabhas for his upcoming films.

On the other hand, the fans of Yash and the general audience are unhappy with the way KGF 2 promotions are being carried out. Not much buzz is being created by the makers and now, one big statement from Neel has disappointed the fans even more.

In one of the interviews, Neel says that Yash is a big star and there is absolutely no need to show a single visual apart from the trailer. He says, once the trailer is out, he is done and the film will release directly on the 14th of April.

Yash became a popular star post KGF and so did Neel. But as some big money and expectations are involved, such statements can go against the film, say the fans. Now, whether this statement is confidence or overconfidence, only time will tell.