KGF2 Vs RRR: Thigh SlapsBaahubali 1 opened with a low buzz in Hindi and shocked the trade by making over 100 crores. Naturally, the expectations for Baahubali 2  were huge and the film lived up to all the hype and made over 500 crores in the Hindi belt.

But things were different for RRR as the film was released during the pandemic times and was also not having that much buzz in Hindi before the release. But the excellent word of mouth has worked in favor of the film as it is looking certain to go past the 200 crore mark in Hindi easily.

Seeing this, Kannada fans say that KGF 2 is having a better pre-release buzz than RRR in Hindi due to the prequel advantage and they are challenging that KGF Chapter 2 will go past RRR movie and make it to prestigious 300 Cr club of movies in Bollywood.

It is a known fact that KGF fared in a decent manner and there will be good expectations of part two. The film needs to meet these expectations and stars like Sanjay Dutt and Raveen Tandon will help in the north market.

But the 300 crore mark looks a bit too much. But the fans are in no mood to listen and are creating thigh slapping posts on social media. Will this be possible or not will be known in just two weeks from now.