Not many know that mass director VV Vinayak wanted to make his debut with a heroine-oriented romantic triangle love story, ‘Sri,’ with a budget of 30-40 lakhs.

In a recent interview on YouTube, Vinayak revealed that during Student No. 1 days, he met NTR through Nallamalapu Bujji and pitched the idea to NTR, which he liked. But then Kodali Nani came into the scene and said that there is no point in making love stories and asked NTR to say no to that director.

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NTR couldn’t say no to Vinayak, so he kept avoiding him. Realizing the situation, Vinayak asked NTR to give him one more chance, and he will narrate another story. And then Vinayak narrated the story of Aadi, which was liked by everyone, and this is how the film happened. The rest is history.

Aadi turned out to be a sensational blockbuster. No one expected a film starring a teenager and a new director to be such a big hit.

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One more surprising thing is that the story of that romantic film ‘Sri’ took many years to write, whereas Vinayak came up with the story of Aadi in just two days. After that, VV Vinayak and NTR collaborated for films like Samba and Adurs.

If Nani hadn’t said no to that love story movie that day, then maybe Aadi wouldn’t have happened.

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