Not just the projects of star heroes, but their looks for each project are also extremely crucial. In fact, the real hype begins with the look itself these days.

Prabhas appeared in somewhat better looks compared to his recent appearances at the Kalki car launch event at RFC. Prabhas is one star hero facing a difficult time with his looks, both on screen and off screen. He definitely needs a complete makeover, as he is currently the biggest pan-India star. Neglecting his appearance makes no sense.

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NTR received mixed reactions for his Devara look. Many feel that the long hair did not suit him, and the costumes have also received mixed responses so far. While his fans love it, others are not as impressed. But it’s not over yet. We need to wait and see on the big screen in a full-fledged movie to come to any conclusions. He is now shooting for War 2 with a buzz cut, but we have yet to see the official look.

Ram Charan is maintaining his usual look for now. There are many leaked pictures from the Game Changer shoot, showing him in his typical appearance without much excitement. He may change his look when he begins shooting for Buchi Babu’s film, but there are no signs of that so far.

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When it comes to looks right now, Allu Arjun is one star who is presenting himself the best. He is carrying the Pushpa avatar and fully justifying his tag of “Stylish Star.” The long beard suits him well for his age, and there are no complaints.

Mahesh Babu has lately been seen wearing a cap to cover his long hair. He has faced severe negative feedback for his looks in recent films. No director has been successful in presenting him at his best, even though he is generally considered the most handsome star of the Telugu industry. Everyone hopes Rajamouli will put an end to this disappointment.

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Not just fans, but the producers are also anxious about the star hero’s looks as they spend crores on these projects. However, they remain tight-lipped when it comes to the feedback they can convey to these star heroes.