Lokesh Kanagaraj Atlee

Tamil director Atlee hasn’t quite won over the Telugu audience, who often perceive his work as derivative and lacking in originality.

However, in stark contrast, another Tamil director, Lokesh Kanagaraj, is held in high regard among Telugu viewers for his visionary storytelling and innovative narrative techniques.

Yet, Atlee’s fortunes take a different turn in the North. Following the massive success of “Jawan,” which raked in over 1200 crores, Atlee has risen to prominence as one of the most esteemed directors in India, especially in Bollywood.

The demand for Atlee is insane in Bollywood circles, leading to a surge in his popularity and invitations to prestigious events and award ceremonies.

At the recent Ambani’s pre-wedding bash attended by Atlee, Ranveer Singh voiced the anticipation felt by many Bollywood actors for the chance to collaborate with him.

They hope Atlee can work his magic and elevate their stardom, much like he did with Shah Rukh Khan in “Jawan.”

On the other hand, Lokesh Kanagaraj, despite being acknowledged as exceptionally talented, hasn’t yet captured the pan-India audience’s attention.

To expand his reach beyond South India, he might need to helm a major pan-India project with one of the industry’s biggest stars, thereby showcasing his directorial prowess to a wider audience.