Mahesh Babu

Mahesh Babu is a very considerate man. He’s always on the up when it comes to promoting fine talent. He did the same with Arjun Reddy director Sandeep Reddy Vanga and was even supposed to do a film with the latter which didn’t materialize.

However, Mahesh maintained a soft spot for Sandeep and even attended the pre release event of Animal last night.

Now, coming to the topic, there is an interesting narrative on social media and this is regarding Mahesh and Sandeep.

A netizen pointed out “Sandeep invited Sharwanand for the pre release event of Arjun Reddy after the former first rejected the script. Now, Sandeep invited Mahesh Babu for Animal event after Mahesh turned down the film with the former right after Arjun Reddy.”

“Perhaps this is the way of Sandeep torturing heroes who turned him down by inviting them to his events and letting them envy the sheer raw nature of his work. Even Mahesh fell prey to this torture as Sandeep could be trying to get him to regret turning him down after seeing Animal’s trailer.”

This sure is an interesting derivation. However, this might not be fully applicable in Mahesh’s case. Sandeep replied to M9’s question that Animal script wasn’t narrated to Mahesh. He added that film is titled Devil and it will be more violent. He was hopeful it might materialize soon. So, it’s about time Vanga and Mahesh come together.